In recognition of our accomplishments from 2009 to date, GBA honored with the following Awards:

  • SME 100 Award 2009 & 2010, Professional & Business Services awarded by SME Magazine

  • Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2009 awarded by Entrepreneur Development Association Malaysia

  • The Global Emerging Innovative Entrepreneur (GEIE) Award 2009 awarded by Global Innovative Knowledge Exchange Network

  • Asia Pacific Top CEO Award 2009/2010 awarded by Global Business Magazine

  • Top Five Finalists for Merger & Acquisition Advisor of the Year 2009 & 2010 awarded by Malaysian Mergers & Acquisitions Association

  • Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award (APEA) 2010 ‘Most Promising Entrepreneur’ awarded by Enterprise Asia

  • China’s Top 10 Economic Talents Award 2010 awarded by National Research Institute for China & Beijing Culture Development Research Institute

  • 2010 World Outstanding Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur Award awarded by China Trade Promotion Association

  • The Majestic 5 Continent Award, Rome, 2011 awarded by Association Otherways Management & Consulting,  Paris, France

  • The “Service Provider of the Year 2009” awarded by SMI & SME Worldwide Network

  • The  “Gold Winner Award 2009”  awarded by Business Productivity Network

  • The “Smart Entrepreneur 2009”  awarded by Business Productivity Network
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