DATO’ (DR.) MICHAEL CH WONG - Group Executive Director.

Dato’ (Dr.) Michael C H Wong has today set his footprint in the corporate sector through his strong business acumen, having gained 25 years of experience through local and international companies. A graduate of the University of Henley, U.K., coupled with a MBA (Honours) from Oklahoma City University, USA, and having been awarded an Honorary DBA from InterAmerican University, USA, Dato’ Michael has solid educational credentials.

Prior to venturing into entrepreneurship, he gained valuable experience while attached with Warner Lambert and Glaxo Smith Kline, which then landed him a role as a Managing Director of Golden State Foods Group, GSF Pacific Foods, a USA based international food manufacturer.

In 2005, based on his wide array of network and contacts in the corporate world, Dato’ Michael established his flagship company, Job Hunt Sdn Bhd.  Finding an opportunity in corporate mergers and acquisitions, Oriental Eminence Resources Sdn Bhd was set up, successfully steering and completing several innovative and complex mergers and acquisitions in the local corporate scene.  Dato’ Michael further diversified into property development, Oriental Eminence Development Sdn Bhd where he sits on the board of a large RM900 million project, in a joint venture with Amanah Raya Berhad (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ministry of Finance).

Today, Global Business Advisory Sdn Bhd which includes a fully serviced Business Centre and, Job Hunt Training Sdn Bhd also runs successfully.  Most recently, in his quest and passion for human capital excellence, Dato’ Michael penetrated into the publication business, launching an all-Malaysian perspective human capital (HR) magazine called “People’s Edge”.

As a reflection of the diverse demographics of his business portfolio, Dato’ Michael continues to shoulder several other corporate responsibilities. He sits on the committee of Swiss Malaysia Business Association and more recently, on the Board of Directors with Malaysian Spanish Chamber of Commerce & Industry (La Camara) and maintains his membership with EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Malaysia Australia Business Council, Recognised & Registered Expert of The Pool of Experts jointly operated by Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce, Fargate Swiss Export Network, Flare International and OSEC Business Network under the mandate of the Swiss Government.

Dato’ Michael has received many awards for his outstanding work in human capital solutions and corporate advisory services. He has indeed carved a significant presence in the corporate arena reflected through his responsibility and governance to his stakeholders and industry peers.

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