In line with globalization, business corporations face new and ever-changing business reforms, with competition that is almost impossible to ignore. For any business entity to survive and grow, it has to increase its efforts and focus on developing its core competencies in order to face all kinds of challengers.

In this environment of change, new corporations do not attempt to do everything but will instead concentrate on its core skills and more importantly, the know-how. It forms strategic partnership and alliances with other entities, whereby functions are best performed together with these entities because of their unique competency and expertise.

Under the Job Hunt Group umbrella, GBA has successfully assisted many foreign companies set up base in Malaysia and also enjoy good relations with major foreign embassies in Malaysia. Due to the extensive work and assistance we have provided for FDI clients, our Group Executive Director sits on the Board of Directors for La Camara (Malaysian Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and is a committee member of Swiss Malaysia Business Association in addition to being a registered member of Malaysian French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MFCCI) and Malaysian British Chamber of Commerce (BMCC).

GBA consultants possess a unique blend of professional experience and industry expertise and our services adhere to the highest standard of quality and ethical behavior. To remain dynamic and relevant, our teams are also backed by state-of-the art technology and we are well known for our highly personalized service, serving clients ranging from SMEs to multinationals across all major business sectors.

GBA consistently obtain excellent appreciation and reviews and referrals from our clients due to our professional and ethical conduct as well as our efficiency and effectiveness which are the basis of our philosophy and operating style. Click here for GBA’s Fame of Awards.

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